HRC program overview



This program focuses on team building, leadership skills, responsibility and discipline. It aims to guide members and allow for personal and physical growth in the realm of training. Allowing its members to achieve goals, surpass limitations and find strength within themselves and others. Becoming a well-rounded individual with the mentality of stand ready is what we hope to achieve with this program.



Rucking is a must but so is weight training and PT. In this program you will be expected to train at least 4 days a week in an approved fitness program of your choice as well as ruck the prescribed mileage every week for the 12 week program. We believe rucking intelligently and efficiently with proper weight training and calisthenics will give you the biggest bang for your buck while reducing the chance of over use injuries.



Trainees will come together once a month for mandatory team based training . Through out the program the class must work together to complete one approved charity action before graduation .The program will end with an (final training exercise) in which the class must work together to make it through to the endex to graduate . Upon graduation you'll be patched in and have completed the program.

HRC 12 week Training Program